Learn how the gig economy is affecting you in this episode of The Money and Business Hour With Roy Matlock Jr.

19 – The Gig Economy

With the advent of smartphone technology, how people live, work, and spend money has changed dramatically over the past decade. With the existence of hyper-connection via social networks, there has been an increase in communication, and this has opened new ways to make and spend money. Picking up a ...

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How to Earn $300,000 a Year or More

18 – How to Become a “2 Percenter”

When you lack financial security, a scarcity mindset can set in. The scarcity mindset is negative and thinks that there's never enough of whatever it is to go around. If  you find yourself thinking like this, do everything you can to move into an abundant mindset. On this episode of Roy Matlock Jr.'...

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Learn How to Invest for Financial Freedom from Roy Matlock Jr.

17 – The 3 Ds of Investing

The key to financial success is investing. If you don't invest to build a nest egg, set and reach financial goals, then you'll have nothing to show for a lifetime of hard work. But, you don't want to invest your money just anywhere. You need to be wise about what you invest in so you can grow your w...

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Learn how to create an action plan for your retirement from Roy Matlock Jr. on this episode of The Money and Business Hour

16 – Plan of Action at or Near Retirement

Retirement planning is a crucial part of our financial life. Each year we have a chance to build up savings to ensure the future. Whether your future plans include the desire to travel, to save for your children, or someday make that move to your dream destination, it all requires some forethought. ...

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