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34 – Four Money Fundamentals You Have to Master

Learn four money fundamentals you must master from Roy Matlock Jr. on The Money and Business Hour

Everyone wants to be wealthy. Even if happiness for you is more contingent upon emotional experiences than material goods, being financially free can help you do more things; whether that’s traveling as often as you would like, or donating to help those in need. But the reality is, only a small percentage of the people who aspire to be wealthy will actually be successful. There are several paths to building wealth, from investing in the stock market to starting your own business. No matter which path you decide on, there are a handful of specific financial fundamentals you’ll need to master before you can take the next steps. In this episode of The Money and Business Hour, Roy Matlock Jr. shares the four money fundamentals you have to master in order to get, and stay, on the right track to being financially track.

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