Retirement Options and How to Understand Them, With Roy Matlock Jr. of The Money and Business Hour

45 – Understanding All of Your Retirement Options

It's important to realize that retirement will likely be the biggest expense of your lifetime.  So saving for retirement is a big job, especially if you envision a retirement that is flourishing with experiences: like traveling to your dream countries, spending time with your grown children and gran...

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Get retirement planning advise from Roy Matlock Jr, in this episode of The Money and Business Hour

44 – More Retirement Planning Advise

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming and intimidating. The best way to begin is by asking yourself a few simple questions to help you picture what you want your retirement life to look like. Once you determine the kind of lifestyle you want in retirement, you can begin to determine what that ...

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Roy Matlock Jr. shares advice on preparing and planning for retirement on The Money and Business Hour radio show

42 – Preparing a Solid Retirement Plan

Retirement can be a very challenging season of life for those who fail to save. If you don't prepare in advance for retirement, you could find yourself saying "au revoir" to your post career dreams and hello to an extended working schedule. And even worse, you could spend your retirement worrying ab...

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40 – The Financial Offense

The financial offense refers to two sets of income: your regular income and portfolio income. Regular income is the money you make by working a job. Making more money can obviously increase your financial security. However, typically, people who receive a promotion or a bump in their salary exchange...

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39 – The Financial Defense

Have you thought about your financial defense? What does that even mean? Simply put: It's being frugal. It’s the pay yourself first strategy. Most of us want to save but try our best to do so at the end of the month, instead of immediately after we get paid at the beginning of the month. And most of...

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Roy Matlock Jr. shares the four most important fundamentals of finance in this episode of The Money and Business Hour

38 – 4 Fundamentals of Finances Part 2

Essential skills, in both your personal life and career, include the ability to budget and plan financially. You should confidently be able to weigh up the risks and rewards associated with your borrowing and investment options. In this episode of The Money and Business Hour, Roy Matlock Jr. continu...

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Learn how to fix the two biggest money problems: dying too soon or living too long in this episode of The Money and Business Hour with Roy Matlock Jr.

36 – Fix the 2 biggest money problems: Dying too soon or Living Too Long

Life insurance is the best tool to guard against the risk of dying too soon, while annuities are the way to go to guard against the risk of living too long. Typically, purchasing life insurance is done almost routinely and without question, probably because most of us tend to think of others before ...

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Learn how to get ahead financially on the Money and Business Hour with Roy Matlock Jr.

35 – Basics to Getting Ahead Financially – Podcast Replay

There is something amazing about being ahead financially. You have more options, you're less stressed, and things don’t feel as rushed. If you feel trapped with your money situation, be sure to tune into this episode of The Money and Business Hour where Roy Matlock Jr. shares some things you can do ...

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Learn four money fundamentals you must master from Roy Matlock Jr. on The Money and Business Hour

34 – Four Money Fundamentals You Have to Master

Everyone wants to be wealthy. Even if happiness for you is more contingent upon emotional experiences than material goods, being financially free can help you do more things; whether that's traveling as often as you would like, or donating to help those in need. But the reality is, only a small perc...

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Top 50 Financial Based Questions Answered

31 – Top 50 Financial Questions Answered – Part 2

Everyone could use a little help with some aspect of a financial plan. Whether it’s tax planning, investing, debt management, estate planning, or a variety of other topics, money can be complicated. Seeking advice from a professional financial advisor when you need it is certainly a better choice th...

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