51 – Survive and Thrive During Financially Volatile Times

In financially volatile times like this, most of us should be prepared for the possibility that every decision we make today will look wrong tomorrow. No one can predict how long this market decline will actually continue. What you can control is how you handle yourself and your finances during thes...

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Learn why now is always the best time to invest on this episode of The Money and Business Hour with Roy Matlock Jr.

49 – Now is Always the Best Time to Invest

Is now a good time to invest? Now is always the best time to invest, because every day you hold off could actually be costing you about $100. That’s like giving up about $3,000 in income every month. Quite alarming, isn’t it? This is thanks, primarily, to two things: First, the market has historical...

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48 – The Recipe for Financial Success

There is no single solution to financial success. It's not a one plus one always equals two situation. Every person is unique with a differing set of goals, responsibilities, knowledge, tolerance of risk, time, and energy. As a consequence, the path you will travel to reach your goals is personal an...

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Roy Matlock Jr. shares tips to a good financial offense in this episode of The Money and Business Hour

46 – Steps to a Solid Financial Offense

Financial offense is where you take calculated risks to continually work toward and achieve a higher income. You can't save your way to financial freedom or wealth. It doesn’t matter how many paper towels you reuse or ziploc baggies you wash . If you never earn more than enough to break even each mo...

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Retirement Options and How to Understand Them, With Roy Matlock Jr. of The Money and Business Hour

45 – Understanding All of Your Retirement Options

It's important to realize that retirement will likely be the biggest expense of your lifetime.  So saving for retirement is a big job, especially if you envision a retirement that is flourishing with experiences: like traveling to your dream countries, spending time with your grown children and gran...

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Get retirement planning advise from Roy Matlock Jr, in this episode of The Money and Business Hour

44 – More Retirement Planning Advise

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming and intimidating. The best way to begin is by asking yourself a few simple questions to help you picture what you want your retirement life to look like. Once you determine the kind of lifestyle you want in retirement, you can begin to determine what that ...

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Roy Matlock Jr. shares how to fix your finances in the new year on The Money and Business Hour radio show

43 – Fix Your Finances in the New Year

While most of the country is cleaning up messes made during the holidays, many of you are preparing the usual resolutions for 2020. Getting finances in order is one of the most common resolutions. Financial resolutions could mean anything from building up a savings account, repairing credit issues, ...

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Roy Matlock Jr. shares advice on preparing and planning for retirement on The Money and Business Hour radio show

42 – Preparing a Solid Retirement Plan

Retirement can be a very challenging season of life for those who fail to save. If you don't prepare in advance for retirement, you could find yourself saying "au revoir" to your post career dreams and hello to an extended working schedule. And even worse, you could spend your retirement worrying ab...

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