Roy Matlock, Jr.

Roy Matlock, Jr.
Roy Matlock, Jr.
IAR, Life, Health, Mortgage, B/D

Welcome to the world of Roy Matlock, Jr., a proud Nashville native with a passion for financial excellence and community impact. Roy’s journey has been marked by a commitment to education, family, and helping others achieve financial success.

Born and raised in Nashville, Roy Matlock, Jr. laid the foundation for his academic journey at Battle Ground Academy and continued his pursuit of knowledge at Austin Peay State University. Armed with a solid educational background, Roy embarked on a remarkable 40-year career in the financial services industry.

With a heart for families and a keen understanding of financial management, Roy founded Roy Matlock Jr & Associates. Over the years, his company has touched the lives of more than 75,000 families, providing expert guidance in mutual funds, term life insurance, and comprehensive money management strategies.

In addition to his achievements in the financial sector, Roy is the visionary founder of SalesTeamPro, a marketing CRM platform dedicated to empowering other financial advisors access to his years of knowledge and marketing experience. 

Roy Matlock, Jr. is no stranger to the airwaves, having served as the former Co-host of the syndicated radio show, “The Money Game,” on 99.7 FM alongside the renowned Dave Ramsey. His expertise and insights have resonated with audiences, further solidifying his reputation as a trusted voice in financial matters on his current radio show “The Roy Matlock, Jr. Money & Business Hour.”

Beyond his professional pursuits, Roy treasures his role as a family man with four children. In his spare time, he trades financial portfolios for golf clubs, showcasing his passion for the sport on the green.

Join Roy Matlock, Jr. on a journey of financial empowerment, education, and community impact – a testament to his unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and businesses alike.