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Podcast 147 – Roy Matlock Jr. on Dr. Bill Dorfman’s “Meet the Mentors” podcast

The Money and Business Hour radio show host, Roy Matlock Jr, recently had the privilege of being a guest on the Dr. Bill Dorfman podcast, Meet the Mentor. Dr. Dorfman is a world famous cosmetic dentist, a star on Extreme Makeover and The Doctors tv shows, and a best selling author. Tune in to listen to this informative podcast, where Roy explains how to win financially, even in this downturned market.

Roy Matlock Jr. on Dr. Bill Dorfman’s “Meet the Mentors” podcast

Podcast 147 – Roy Matlock, Jr. on Dr. Bill Dorfman’s “Meet the Mentors” Podcast

Roy Matlock Jr. is the chairman of Terra Wealth Management and the creator of the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Money Game”, now known as “The Dave Ramsey Show”.

Roy began his wealth management career over 38 years ago. His focus has always been to help people become financially secure and to educate clients on how to manage money in order to create generational wealth.

Over the past 38 years, Roy has helped his clients to accumulate over one billion dollars in assets and has been touted as a well-respected educator and trailblazer in the finance industry.

Roy is also the owner of a financial technology business called Sales Team Pro®, and a digital marketing firm in Nashville, TN where he resides and where he continues to host his weekly radio show and podcast, “The Money and Business Hour”.