Roy Matlock Jr. shares tips to a good financial offense in this episode of The Money and Business Hour

46 – Steps to a Solid Financial Offense

Financial offense is where you take calculated risks to continually work toward and achieve a higher income. You can't save your way to financial freedom or wealth. It doesn’t matter how many paper towels you reuse or ziploc baggies you wash . If you never earn more than enough to break even each mo...

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Roy Matlock Jr. shares how to fix your finances in the new year on The Money and Business Hour radio show

43 – Fix Your Finances in the New Year

While most of the country is cleaning up messes made during the holidays, many of you are preparing the usual resolutions for 2020. Getting finances in order is one of the most common resolutions. Financial resolutions could mean anything from building up a savings account, repairing credit issues, ...

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