39 – The Financial Defense

Have you thought about your financial defense? What does that even mean? Simply put: It's being frugal. It’s the pay yourself first strategy. Most of us want to save but try our best to do so at the end of the month, instead of immediately after we get paid at the beginning of the month. And most of...

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Roy Matlock Jr. shares the basic fundamentals of finances

29 – Basic Fundamentals of Finances

When you're the one in charge of the money, it's best to have some understanding of basic financial concepts. But where do you start? Most people learn about personal finance the hard way on the day they go to buy a car, apply for a home loan, or attempt to rent an apartment. We learn about our mist...

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How to retire on time when you've started saving late.

24 – What to do when you start saving Late – Part 2

Has your 40th birthday come and gone, and something finally triggers you to the sobering realization that you should have started saving in your twenties? So, now what? It's never to late to begin retirement saving. And the sooner you start saving for retirement, the better it will be down the road....

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The best places to invest your money

13 – Great Places to Put Your Money

The concept of risk versus reward is imperative to smart investing. Who wants to risk, and lose their money right before it's needed. And keeping money in safe investments, like bonds, could result in few gains and mean you won't have enough for your long-term goal. In this episode of The Money and ...

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Learn How to Get Ahead FInancially

11 – The Basics to Getting Ahead Financially

There is something amazing about being ahead financially. You have more options, you're less stressed, and things don’t feel as rushed. If you feel trapped with your money situation, be sure to tune into this episode of The Money and Business Hour where Roy Matlock Jr. shares some things you can do ...

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Learn the Keys to Becoming Financially Successful

6 – Keys to Becoming Successful

Are you in control of your money or is it controlling you? One of the main steps in becoming successful financially is getting control. You don't have to make millions to be financially successful, your choices and your priorities do. If you have been struggling, financial success may seem like an i...

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Prepare Your Finances for Retirement

5 – Finances at or Near Retirement

As the time for your retirement approaches, or if you've already reached that time, there is a likely chance that the amount you thought would be sufficient to finance your retirement years isn't. This could be due to cost-of-living increases and lower-than-projected returns on your investments. In ...

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Create a Financial Plan That Will Secure Your Future

4 – Getting Started with a Financial Plan

It is important to have a financial plan. Long term financial goals will help give you a focus and drive for your short-term goals. This can help you stop making fear based financial decisions and help you determine the order of your major life steps. Financial plans will vary from person to person,...

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Roy Matlock Jr. Explains How Money Works

2 – How Money Works

The right time to start financially preparing for your future is always sooner than later. But it doesn’t matter if you're just graduating from college, if your in the middle of your career, or if you’re planning to retire soon, now is the time to start thinking ahead to make sure your transition fr...

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Save Money for Your Future Starting Now

1 – Setting Financial Goals for the New Year

Now that the new year is upon us, most of us will have committed ourselves to changing our habits and the way we live for the better. Some of the most important things we could focus on are personal finance, saving, and investing. If you'd like to achieve financial independence, which is an admirabl...

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