Retirement Options and How to Understand Them, With Roy Matlock Jr. of The Money and Business Hour

Podcast 45- Understanding All of Your Retirement Options

It's important to realize that retirement will likely be the biggest expense of your lifetime. So saving for retirement is a big job, especially if you envision a retirement that is flourishing with experiences: like traveling to your dream countries, spending time with your grown children and grand...

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Basic Fundamentals of Finances

Podcast 29- Basic Fundamentals of Finances

When you're the one in charge of the money, it's best to have some understanding of basic financial concepts. But where do you start? Most people learn about personal finance the hard way- on the day they go to buy a car, apply for a home loan, or attempt to rent an apartment. We learn about our mis...

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What to do When You Start Saving Late - Part 2

Podcast 24- What to do When You Start Saving Late – Part 2

Has your 40th birthday come and gone, and something finally triggers you to the sobering realization that you should have started saving in your twenties? So, now what? It's never too late to begin retirement saving. And the sooner you start saving for retirement, the better it will be down the road...

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