Podcast 51- Survive and Thrive During Financially Volatile Times

In financially volatile times like this, most of us should be prepared for the possibility that every decision we make today will look wrong tomorrow. No one can predict how long this market decline will actually continue. What you can control is how you handle yourself and your finances during thes...

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Learn why now is always the best time to invest on this episode of The Money and Business Hour with Roy Matlock Jr.

Podcast 49- Now is Always the Best Time to Invest

No matter what current events are happening in the world, one of the most common question financial reps hear is, "Is now a good time to invest?"The answer is-  now is always the best time to invest, because every day you hold off could actually be costing you about $100. That’s like giving up about...

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Roy Matlock Jr. explains how to create a financially intelligent mindset on this episode of The Money and Business Hour radio show

Podcast 47- How to Create a Financially Intelligent Mindset

A financially intelligent mindset, or state of mind, comes from doing certain things and being a certain way, so as to attract wealth and abundance into your life. If you find yourself living month to month, with nothing to show for it, then you could have cultivated a scarcity mindset in relationsh...

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